After Smokepurpp would release hit songs like “Audi” and “Ski Mask” before more recent releases like “Never Have I Ever” and “Birdz” alongside rapper Wuki. After Smokepurpp would flirt with a name change due in large part to the passing away of his friend Lil Peep and his own heavy drug use. After Smokepurpp would have almost 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, over 240K followers on Twitter, and 4 Million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording. Hailing from the underground rap culture of South Florida, Smokepurpp burst onto the scene as a fully-formed character alongside his good friend Lil Pump as the poster-children for a new generation of hip-hop known as SoundCloud rap. Through a haze of prescription drugs and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility, Smokepurpp achieved superstardom thanks in large part to his raw, infectious, bass-boosted records like “Audi” and “Ski Mask”. But his road to international fame has not been without its bumps along the way. Like a bunch of other celebrities, Smoke’s personal life, especially his relationship status, has been ripe for fodder for the media and he’s also had to struggle publicly with the type of addiction that claimed the life of his good friend, Lil Peep. But over the past little while, Smokepurpp has managed to ween himself off of hard drugs and focus his energies into his music, dropping his second studio album in the middle of last year, which he then followed up with the release of his new EP “Psycho (Legally Insane)” just this past week.