No Limit Records recording artist McKinley “Mac” Phipps Jr. is granted kindness by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edward’s after almost serving two years in jail. 
As people are likely aware, countless numbers of forgiveness and kindness applications are received by Governor of Louisiana John Bel, and only a few can get this clemency. On 29th March, Governor Edwards wrote a letter to Phipps captured by police of HuffPost. In the letter, he wrote, I have accepted your application, and I grant you compassion. I compliment you for your endeavors to become a better person, and now it’s up to you to make out most of this chance. 

The governor’s spokesperson confirmed that rapper Phipps wouldn’t have to complete the nine years in his 30-years sentence. It’s fantastic news for the 43-year-year-old rapper who has maintained his innocence behind the bar for almost a year. The rapper was held accountable for the killing & manslaughter of 19-years-old Barron Victor Jr. The killing took place in Slidell, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans, near one of rapper Phipps’s shows. 

In a joint declaration, Phipps’s wife Angelique explained, “We are fast approaching Mac’s freedom, we’re thankful to Governor John Bel Edwards for offering his mercy and also to those who have supported him along the way.” 
Phipps had once pleaded for clemency in 2016 an unsuccessful attempt but denied.  Several witnesses claimed in 2015 that officials pressured them into testifying that Phipps was the gunman. Although another man also confessed, he was the culprit. But the prosecutors convinced the jury by using Phipps rap lyrics. 

The Louisiana Board of Pardons and Committee decided in February that Phipps is eligible for an immediate release. The public relations company. Who represented Mr. Phipps stated the governor accepted the clemency request a month later after reviewing & studying Phipps’s case. 
Since February, according to his wife, a work-release program in Lafourche Parish, is in progress. Phipps will have another parole hearing on June 22 before being released, his wife Angelique Phipps stated.