In his recent speech, President Joe Biden addressed the murder of Daunte Wright.  The incident was a tragedy, but President Bidden had people wait for the outcome of the investigation before coming to a conclusion. 

We have to wait and see what the investigation reveals, said Biden. I assume that you’ve all seen the footage, it’s quite graphic, Question is ‘Was it an accident?’ ‘Was it deliberate? The truth will be determined by thorough investigation. 

Wright’s mother said, her son was murdered by the Police officer, who pulled him over on Sunday 11th of April for having air fresheners in his car. At first, he exited the car, but cops did attempt to arrest him against his outstanding warrants, he tried to hop back into his car and got shot un-purposely by an officer who intended to use her taser. His car went forward for some distance and did collide with another car, and he was later declared dead at the site. 

Wright’s death has caused aggression in protest in Minnesota, and the National Guard has been called in. Biden had also issued a call for demonstrations to remain nonviolent. 

But for the time being, he reaffirming that there is no excuse for looting and no justification for violence. Peaceful protest is comprehensible. Reality is you know, we do understand that in this environment Black community’s anger, pain, and trauma is actual. But it’s just not justifiable to the violence acts and/or looting. 

“In the meanwhile, I’m calling for calm and peace.” President Biden said.  We should pay attention to Daunte’s mother, who is demanding an end to violence. President Joe Biden, hasn’t yet had the opportunity to talk to his mother, but he says his prayers are with the family of Mr. Wright.